Main terms and definitions

  • Client (bettor) is a person who makes a wager with the BitGame.
  • Wager is an agreement between the Client and the BitGame where the loser must fulfill his obligations according to the rules set by the BitGame. The wagers are accepted in accordance to the rules offered by the BitGame in the line.
  • Line is the list of events and their outcomes at the odds offered by the BitGame for wagering.
  • Bet is the monetary deposit as one as one of the means guaranteeing fulfilment of the Bettor's obligations to the BitGame. It is placed by the Bettor to the BitGame cash desk as a fee for participation in the wagering that includes predicting an outcome. It is the amount the Bettor is wagering.
  • Outcome is the result of the event on which the wager has been made.
  • Odds to win is the quotation of the BitGame for outcomes of different events.

Main types of outcomes offered for betting

  • Bets are accepted on home win (marked as "1" in lines), draw(marked as "X" in lines) and away win (marked as "2" in lines). The bet is a winner if you have predicted the outcome correctly.
  • The Client can bet the matches with handicap. After the match, the Client adds up the defined handicap to the score of the chosen team. If the score for the chosen team is correctly predicted after the addition of the handicap, the bet is a winner. If the score is draw after the handicap has been added, the bet will be refunded.
  • Total - the sum of goals scored during the match. To make a winning bet, the Client must correctly predict over or under X goals that will be scored during the match. The Client must bet on Over or Under. If the score is exactly on spread, the bet will be refunded.

Conditions of bets acceptance

  • The bets are accepted based on the line, i.e. the list of upcoming events at the odds for their outcomes offered by the BitGame.
  • Line changes (handicaps, winner odds, totals, maximum bet amounts and others) can happen after any bet, but the terms for already placed bets remain without change.
  • The bets are accepted before the event starts. The bets that are placed after the start of the event are not valid and such bets will be refunded.
  • The date and the time for the event start specified in the line are informative only. A wrong date is no reason to refund the bet if the bet has been placed before the start of the event. For bets settlement, the actual time of the event start is used. This time is determined according to the official documents (websites referenced by the BitGame when collecting information) of the organization that holds the competition, match, etc.
  • BitGame accepts no responsibility for incorrect team names and cities names of the events on which the bets are placed.
  • In case of mistakes of the staff in the preparation and publication of the betting line, or there was an obvious failure in the computer software which determines the betting line (obvious mistakes in the odds, odds discrepancy in various positions, etc.), fraudulent actions of the employee of the BitGame in violation of the conditions, provided by these Rules, the BitGame has the right to unilaterally recognize the concluded agreement (including the bets placed before or after the beginning of the event, which concerns mistake), refuse to fulfill obligations under such an agreement and return the bet to the Client.
  • The bets cannot be changed or cancelled after the Client has placed the wager and received a verification.
  • A connection failure and other technical mistakes in communication are no reasons to change or cancel a bet if the wager has been registered on the server.
  • Each Client is granted one gaming account.
  • The Client cannot give a permission to anybody else to use his/her gaming account.
  • The BitGame reserves the right to apply limitations or refuse from accepting bets from any person without explanation of reasons and prior written notice.

Special terms

  • If the match is transferred to a neutral ground, the wagers will stay unchanged. If the match is transferred to the opponent's ground, the wagers will be refunded. If the match is transferred to another ground in the same city, the wagers will stay unchanged and they will not be refunded regardless of the playing ground.
  • If the result is changed or cancelled (protest, doping, etc.), the original result will remain in betting.
  • If more than one player (team) is announced as the competition winner, the bets placed on the victory of these players (teams) are settled at the odds 1.
  • BitGame announces the actual results on the basis of official records and other sources of information after the event. In a disputable situation, when different results for the same event are posted by various sources, with their obvious mistakes, the final decision about the results determination for bets settlement is made by the BitGame.
  • If there is reason to assume that the bet was placed after the outcome of the event became known, or after the selected player / team gained a significant advantage (e.g., the advantage in the score, sending off or substitution of player, etc.), the BitGame reserves the right to cancel these bets (make a refund), both winning and losing.
  • The Client should check that his/her betting slip is filled in according to the rules. If it has been filled in incorrectly regardless of why and who is guilty for incorrect filling, the BitGame reserves the right to refund the bets and cancel the wagers.
  • It the Client has a negative balance due to bets revaluation because of incorrectly entered result, the gaming account will be blocked until the Client deposits the amount not less than the negative balance. Otherwise, the BitGame reserves the right to stop accepting bets from the Client. All wagers placed before the revaluation will remain valid.
  • The complaints on disputable issues will be accepted in a form of email application (sent to [email protected]) within 10 days after the result of the event has been registered. After 10 days, no complaints will be accepted. In the disputable situations without precedents, the final decision is made by the BitGame.

Financial limitations

  • Minimum bet amount for wagering is the equivalent of 1 USD.
  • Maximum bet amount for wagering is the equivalent of 10 USD.

The special features of rules on different sports:

Regulations of bets accepting for different sports


Bets on football are accepted on the regulation time, which is conditioned by the rules of the match/tournament. It includes additional or compensated time appointed by the referee or by a representative of the match at the expiration of the regulation time (match/half). The minutes of the events that took place at the time compensated/added by the judge are considered to be 45(forty fifth) or 90 (ninetieth) minute.

Ice Hockey

  • The ice hockey bets are available for one team to win or draw or with handicap.
  • Wagering on the amount of goals to be scored (total). If the amount of goals falls exactly on the spread, the bets will be refunded.
  • Wagers/bets are accepted only for the regular time of the matches (no extra-time).

American Football

  • In American football, the Client can wager on one of the teams to win or win with handicap. In case of a tie, the bets will be refunded.
  • Wagering on total (how many points will be scored) is offered. If the total falls on the spread, the bets will be refunded.
  • If for some reason the match was not played on the announced day, the bets will be refunded.


Bets on basketball fixtures are accepted with overtime included in case of a draw in the scheduled game time.